Images are about to get even more popular on Facebook. The social network has started to roll out photo comments which will allow members to share images as comments on posts.

Previously, this could be done by posting a link and Facebook would pull the image as a thumbnail. With today’s update, you can upload images directly from your computer giving you a bit more control over the photos and message you share.

Images within photo comments will appear larger than those shared by links and are hosted directly on Facebook. This means that you won’t have to waste time uploading files to a hosting site. Multiple images don’t appear to be an option, and while most file formats are supported, animated GIFs aren’t.

Originally built during a Facebook hackathon, photo comments are beginning to roll out to members globally on the web as well as the Facebook mobile site. Although photo comments can be viewed in Facebook’s mobile apps, you can’t yet create them. Mobile apps will support photo comment creation in a future update.

When relevant, sharing an image could make comment threads more expressive and engaging. We don’t recommend accompanying every comment with an image though; too much of a good thing can be bad. If you don’t yet see the camera icon in the comment box, sit tight. As with most new Facebook features, it might take a little time before you can access it.

[Image credit: Kris Krug]