Still on the fence about advertising on Facebook? A new report suggests that fans reached through paid media are often more likely to be engaged with a brand.

The company teamed up with comScore to understand that benefits of using paid reach rather than depending on organic reach. Together, they studied three different brands Pages, including Samsung Mobile, an unnamed major retailer, and an unnamed major financial services brand.

Facebook found that paid media resulted in fans with greater shopping and buying habits compared to average Internet users. For the major retailer, consumers exposed to paid media were 66 percent more likely to buy something from its website and 45 percent more likely to buy from its retail store.

Samsung, which saw similar results, was also able to reach a more relevant audience through paid media than if it had relied on organic. For example, 68 percent of people were more likely to visit technology news sites, 50 percent more likely to visit telecommunication sites, and 62 percent more likely to visit consumer electronic sites.

And finally, the major financial services brand discovered that 31 percent of fans acquired through paid media were more likely to be cardholders of the brand and 18 percent had made online purchases with their branded cards.

Overall, out of 100 top brand Pages on Facebook, those using paid media reached 5.4 times more people on average than those that didn’t. Even brands with some of the largest fan bases were able to reach five times more people by integrating paid and organic strategies.

Of course, not every brand can expect the same outcome, but it does make a strong case for advertising on Facebook. We recommend experimenting with different types of ads and targeting before locking yourself into just one campaign. For more information about this study, including detailed findings, read Facebook’s white paper.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: 401(K) 2012]