Facebook is expanding its mobile advertising once again — another step in an aggressive spree that has spanned the past few months. This time, the “Pages You May Like” box that people see by their desktop News Feeds has been expanded to appear in mobile News Feeds.

The Pages You May Like box suggests Pages to Facebook users based partially on whether their friends already Liked those Pages. We’ve overheard people seeing the ad and saying, “Oh, yeah, I need to check out that bar — like five of my friends have Liked it.”

A recent report showed that mobile ads for Facebook Pages generated 63% more Likes from visitors that had already clicked them, so this could greatly expand on that boon. However, the total impressions of mobile Facebook ads may be much lower than the ads on desktops, so it’s tough to say at this point which is more valuable.

Facebook is trying to do a better job gaining traction mobile, which is especially important given its rough stock performance post-IPO. About half of the social network’s members log in with mobile devices regularly.

[Image credit: Monica Nuñez]