Facebook members can now view the most popular videos and news articles about a topic by visiting the brand or public figure’s Timeline.

Quietly rolled out by the social network in June, Facebook engineer Alejandro Marcu confirmed the feature, stating that it only applies to Pages that allow fans to post on their Walls.

Through these modules, your fans can see relevant videos and stories that are the most popular among their friends, while you can get information on which apps fans are accessing your content through.

“These featured help make Facebook Pages a destination for users to learn about people and products through a social lens,” stated Inside Facebook’s Brittany Darwell. “In the future, Pages could include even more information from Open Graph apps, for instance, how many users indicated that they bought an item, saw a movie, read a book, and more.”

As a Page owner, you can use these modules to gain insight about which video and news app are popular among your target audience, and consider ways to get your own content on those channels.

It’s important to note that this can only be accessed through the “Posts by Others” view on your Timeline. If you don’t allow fans to write on your Wall, these modules will not appear.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Andrew Feinberg]