Facebook’s Pages Manager app for iOS received an update this week, featuring new support for photo viewing and sharing.

Originally launched in May, the standalone app enables you to create posts, view recent fan activity, and access engagement statistics directly from your iPhone or iPad.

The updated version allows you see your cover photo and change your profile photo. To initiate the change, tap on your current profile photo. You’ll then need to decide if you’d like take a new photo, upload an image from your device’s camera roll, or choose from one of your Page’s existing albums.

It seems like you’re still unable to create a new album or upload multiple photos from a single post, but there is now an option to post a photo to a specific album. Additionally, you can also swipe through photos in an album instead of tapping on each photo individually.

This update follows the new version of Facebook’s iOS app, which received several speed improvements last week. Both apps are now available for download in Apple’s App Store.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Dylan Tweney]