Social media has proven valuable when interacting with customers, but it’s also become a popular way for brands to keep track of their competitors. Now Facebook appears to be testing a new way for you to monitor the competition on its platform with the addition of a “Pages to Watch” module.

The new module, which is displayed in your Admin Panel, lets you track the progress of up to five Pages. You can see how many Likes they get, as well as receive tips on how to keep up. Currently it seems that the Pages to Watch module replaces the Insights module — a move that could upset a lot of admins.

On the other hand, easy access to competitor metrics might be worth having to dig a little deeper for your own data. A study conducted by Digimind — a competitive intelligence software provider — revealed that almost eight out of 10 companies use social media sites to monitor and discover information about their competitors.

Facebook isn’t a stranger to corporate espionage. In March 2012, the social network began making real-time Page data available to visitors. This enabled anyone who was logged in to view your total Likes, People Talking About This, Most Popular Week, Most Popular City, and Most Popular Age Group.

Keep in mind that this is just a test; Facebook hasn’t made an official statement regarding the module or whether it will become a permanent addition to your Admin Panel. While staying up to date on how competitors are performing on the social network, don’t get so wrapped up in the data that you ditch your daily responsibilities.

[Via: AllFacebook, Image credit: Ollie Crafoord]