Small business owners now have a new, simpler way to create Page Like Ads to help build their fan base on Facebook.

Unlike Promoted Posts, Page Like Ads are designed to drive new traffic to your Page instead of targeting existing fans. These ads appear on the right side of Facebook — on mobile or desktop — and will run until you stop your promotion.

Starting today, you can bypass the self-serve dashboard and create this type of ad directly from your Page’s admin panel. You can adjust your budget based on how many people you want to reach and how much you want to spend — just as you would while creating a Promoted Post.

This feature is ideal for small businesses that don’t necessarily have the resources to work with a Facebook ad rep or third-party partner. Additionally, it’s a much more efficient method than Facebook’s main ad tool, which has about a dozen different sections for advertisers to navigate.

When you promote your Page from its admin panel, you can target your ads to people located near your business. Choose from your business’s city, state or country. If you want more targeting options, you’ll have to create an ad from the self-serve tool.

If you haven’t used Page Like Ads yet, it’s a good time to experiment. As with any type of ad, we recommend tracking its effectiveness so you can determine if it’s the right thing for your brand. To learn more about Page Like Ads, visit Facebook’s Help Center.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Johannes Fuchs]