While Timeline engagement is still up for debate, Facebook has revealed that video apps are seeing tremendous growth thanks to Open Graph integration.

In less than three months, more than 3,000 Timeline apps have launched in a variety of categories, including news, food, music, and fashion. Among those, video apps are experiencing increased traffic, sign-ups, and activity.

Music video platform VEVO had early success, but according to Facebook, it has grown exponentially since the service switched to Facebook-only login. Published Actions have increased 600 percent from February to March, and 60 percent of Facebook referral traffic comes from Open Graph stories.

Similarly Viddy — which integrated its mobile app with Timeline — has gone from 60,000 monthly active users to more than 920,000. Additionally the service has seen more than 9 million interactions with Viddy content on Facebook.

Dailymotion — which integrated with Open Graph in January — has seen more than 9 million people add the app to their Timeline in the past two months. On average, more than 6 million people visit the site from Facebook, and more than 2 million stories are published back to the social network.

Video apps have made it easier for people to share and discover new content on the social network and mobile devices. While we don’t recommend every business produce a video app, this is another reminder to create valuable content. Facebook is home to billions of photos, making it one of the most popular photo sharing websites. Although videos aren’t being uploaded directly to the social network, it’s playing an important role in their distribution.

[Image credit: San Francisco Foghorn]