Today Facebook announced that you’re now able to better track your Open Graph app’s activity. The social network has added the ability to monitor unique shares, reads, and clicks of your Open Graph stories.

Previously, Facebook provide information about the number of stories published from apps, the different channels used, and their click-through rates. However, the number of individual members performing these actions weren’t available.

Now you’re better able to understand the level of engagement of your users, which can impact future decisions regarding changes. This will hopefully help to better explain spikes or dips in usage as well.

Prior to this update, Facebook also provided details about how many times people accessed your authorization dialog and the total number of acceptances. Now the company will report on the number of unique user views, acceptances, and conversion rates — which could help you figure out why your app isn’t converting new users.

Collectively these updates — which are available now in your Open Graph Insights dashboard — will help you to build smarter apps, which is important with Facebook’s upcoming App Center due out.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Pascal Maramis]