After a few months, it seems that Facebook is finally beginning to implement some best practices for Open Graph apps.

The social network has updated its Open Graph publishing guidelines, which now require social news and video apps to wait at least 10 seconds before posting actions to users’ Timelines.

Currently, many Open Graph apps publish stories immediately after an individual clicks a link. In some cases, people complain that these apps publish stories that they didn’t mean to share. For example, if a video is five minutes long, but the individual stops watching after 20 seconds, that person might not want the app telling his or her friends that he or she watched the video.

While 10 seconds is the new minimum, it’s recommended that you increase the time span beyond that to ensure that published actions accurately reflect members’ behavior. Additionally, you should also give people the ability to easily turn sharing on and off.

Currently individuals can adjust their app settings and remove stories from their Activity Log. However, Facebook is urging developers to give members more control from within apps. According to Open Graph documentation, social reading apps should provide users with an option to remove any “read” stories directly from an article page. You must also provide the option to remove video app activity from the same page the content appears.

Additionally, Facebook announced that you must use the built-in “read” and “watch” actions — previously these actions were being tested among certain Open Graph partners. Developers using custom actions have 90 days to switch to the built-in verbs — currently this only applies for “read” and “watch” actions.

Although Open Graph apps have seen tremendous growth, they have poor public perception. By accurately depicting your fans’ activity, not only is it a sign of respect, but you’re also ensuring that your data reflects accurate engagement.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Ewen Roberts]