Less than a month ago, Facebook introduced several new requirements for developers submitting applications and Open Graph actions for approval. Now the social network has updated its documentation with best practices and an updated list of actions that are no longer being approved.

In general, Facebook recommends using common actions when possible, only creating a custom action if it’s not one already provided. Moving forward, the company will no longer approve the following actions: listen; content consumption, such as “browse,” “discover,” or “view”; actions triggered from joining or registering with an app; and non-English actions.

Other tips include ensuring that your Open Graph actions differ from social plugins, submitting actions that express real experiences, and using an Open Graph test user to generate stories used during review. Facebook also noted the importance of correct grammar, including properly conjugated verbs.

For developers, getting people to share their activity with your Facebook App is almost as important as getting them to use it in the first place. Not only do these stories help create awareness for the app, but for your brand as well. Because of this, your submissions should go through without a hitch.

To ensure you don’t run into any speed bumps along the way, read over Facebook’s Best Practices for Open Graph Submissions and make sure you follow instructions carefully.

[Via: AllFacebook, Image credit: Sean Hobson]