Facebook began testing a new version of Offers in February that gives members the option to redeem immediately or to be notified before the promotion expires. It appears that functionality is now coming to mobile.

Previously, when selecting an Offer, individuals could only choose “Get Offer,” putting the responsibility of redeeming the discount solely on the customer. This wasn’t a very effective method of generating online sales. Now, as part of the test, members see two buttons: “Shop Now” and “Remind Me.”

These buttons were only available on desktop, until today. Inside Facebook reported that the new options have been spotted on Facebook’s mobile app for iOS — there’s no word on whether Android has the same functionality. We should also note that “Shop Now” and “Remind Me” are only available for retailers working directly with the social network for this test.

The general expansion of these buttons will be good for companies utilizing Facebook Offers, but especially on mobile. According to Facebook, its members spend the most amount of time in the News Feed, but that didn’t happen by people waiting until they got home to browse.

While there’s plenty of down-time viewing, many consumers scroll through their News Feeds while they’re waiting in line or commuting to and from work. In most cases, these aren’t ideal times to make a purchase. By introducing the “Remind Me” button on mobile, consumers will be reminded about their claimed Offer at a later date.

On the other hand, mobile shopping is picking up steam, especially around the holidays. According to an earlier study, 28 percent of smartphone and tablet owners planned on shopping from their mobile devices this past Thanksgiving. By prompting consumers to “Shop Now,” those that are ready to make a purchase can do so with little effort — clicking the button takes people directly to your website.

Since you can’t predict which option your customers will choose, we recommend making sure that your website is optimized for mobile before you create a Facebook Offer. If someone decides to shop immediately, you don’t want to miss out on a sale because your mobile website doesn’t support transactions.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Ed Yourdon]