Unsurprisingly, Facebook is once again making changes to its News Feed. But unlike past redesigns, Pages will gain more prominence than ever.

Last month, the social network redesigned its mobile site and apps. Facebook is now rolling out a similar look to its web interface.

The most noticeable change is the increased size of photos and text for all posts. Previously, images shared by Pages were displayed smaller than those shared by other members. Facebook confirmed that going forward both member and Page photos will appear up to two times larger in the desktop News Feed, eliminating any sort of disadvantage.

Additionally, four photos from an album will be made visible at once — previously only three were included in album stories. While it’s not a big difference, it does create consistency in Facebook’s overall design, as well as helps to promote storytelling through visuals.

These minor tweaks — which will roll out over the next few days — might not have a major impact on your overall experience, but it could help boost engagement for brands that rely on photos. But now that you’re competing on level ground with your fans’ friends, you’ll have to put more energy into sharing high-quality images, or risk being overlooked — or worse, marked as spam.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: tanakawho]