Confused by the inner-workings of Facebook’s News Feed? You’re not alone. While EdgeRank is meant to help, in some cases, the mystery behind this algorithm has left marketers with more questions than answers. In an effort to clear up confusion and help you better understand what appears in News Feed and why, the social network is holding a press event on August 6th.

Currently EdgeRank uses how close an individual is to someone, how popular a post is with others, how recently it was published, and many other signals to decide which posts and actions appear prominently in News Feed. However, this can often be unpredictable and when you’re paying to promote your posts, consistency is key.

In an invite to reporters, Facebook said that it will “be talking about News Feed, and taking a deeper look at the algorithms that determine which stories appear at the top of your feed,” beginning at 10am PST Tuesday. It’ll also discuss a specific update to organic ranking, as well as what’s coming next for News Feed.

Facebook introduced the new News Feed back in March which includes richer visuals, multiple feeds, and better consistency across mobile and desktop. While it’s available for some, many members are still waiting to access the updated version. It’s possible that whatever the social network will announce on Tuesday could be holding up the rollout.

To help Page admins and advertisers in the mean time, Facebook recently gave members the ability to say why they were hiding someone’s News Feed post. Additionally, admins can test various types of content using Unpublished Posts to see what resonates most with fans. But despite these efforts to work around its algorithm, the News Feed still remains a source of discontent for brands and consumers.

Only time will tell what Facebook has in store for the future, and hopefully Tuesday’s event will help to clear up some of the mystery. We’ll keep you updated on new developments, so be sure to check back next week.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Scott Beale]