Earlier this year, Facebook began helping brands get more fans by testing recommendation modules that suggested similar Pages based on Likes. It appears this functionality is still undergoing testing, and can now be seen after Liking a post in News Feed.

The previous tests were limited to Pages, meaning that the recommendation module would only appear after someone clicked the Like button on your Timeline. In February, following the Pages test, Facebook began prompting members to like Pages related to URLs shared in News Feed.

Now the social network is continuing expansion into the News Feed with the latest recommendation module. Over this past weekend we began seeing a “Similar to” module appear below posts in News Feed after interacting with (Liking) the post. You can see an example in the screenshot below.

As you can see, two recommendations have appeared below the comments. In addition to prompting you to Like the suggested Pages, Facebook has also included the number Likes that Page has, as well as the names of other friends who Like it.

The social network hasn’t confirmed the test, and it’s not clear if the new module is limited or available to Facebook’s entire user base. What we do know is that this feature gives a lot more exposure to Pages in News Feed. But while it could encourage members to engage with brands they’re interested in, it could also lead them away from your content.

You can avoid losing fan engagement to recommended Pages by sharing high quality content. If you publish something that grabs a reader’s interest, they’re more likely to interact with your post before clicking through to visit other Pages.

[Via: AllFacebook, Image credit: Denis Dervisevic]