App developers wanting to increase their downloads might want to turn to Facebook‘s mobile app ad unit. The company announced that members using iOS 6 can now download advertised apps from the mobile News Feed without ever leaving the social network.

Launched in October, mobile app install ads enable iOS and Android developers to purchase prominent exposure for their apps inside Facebook’s mobile News Feed. Previously, these units directed individuals to Apple’s App Store or Google Play to download.

Facebook has eliminated the extra step of leaving the social network, but only for those using iOS 6 devices. Now when someone clicks on your ad, the App Store will appear in a pop-up window. After installing, that person will be able to continue where he or she left off on Facebook.

This is a significant update for app developers, as the seamless install process will likely increase conversion rates. If a consumer doesn’t have to leave the app, he or she might be more willing to tap on an install button.

The social network has also added a way for developers to customize ad units with images and descriptions directly from the app dashboard. Previously these elements were pulled from the app’s detail page. Additionally, you can now view more demographic data on the Facebook members that install your app.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Mike Beauchamp]