Facebook Groups are slowly catching up to Pages in terms of core features. The social network’s latest test enables you to pin posts to the top of your Group’s feed.

Originally introduced for Timeline, the pinning functionality allows you to prominently display, or feature, a post at the top of your feed. It will remain there, even after additional posts have been published, and can be unpinned — by you — at any time.

However, unlike Timeline which only supports one featured post at a time, you’re able to pin multiple posts on Group feeds. To do so, hover of the top right corner of the post you’d like to pin and click on the drop-down menu icon that appears. From there, select “Pin Post.” Once everyone has read the post — which can be determined using Read Receipts, you can un-pin it by following the same steps — except this time you’ll select “Unpin” from the menu.

Featured posts are a great way to ensure that all members of your Group see the post. For example, Groups for Schools could use this to announce on-campus events or time sensitive information regarding finals or registration. Businesses using Groups to interact with street teams or brand ambassadors could feature posts announcing team meetings or new features.

Although Facebook has confirmed the test, it isn’t clear on when or if it plans to roll it out to all Groups.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: PlayfulLibrarian]