Facebook Groups saw a big upgrade in functionality today. One of the biggest is the new Send button.

If a Facebook user sees a wall post in a Group that they think a friend will want to read, they can click on the Send button. This brings up a window that will allow them to email the post to Facebook friends, groups and outside email addresses.

This is an important distinction from the Like button. Clicking a Like button adds the news stream of that company or product to your wall where friends and family can see it. Clicking on a Send button creates in a message in the users inbox.

There are also new admin controls for Group pages. New member approval, new poll feature and a search function that indexes previous Group posts are all rolling out this week.

Though Groups now come with more bells and whistles, they are still not ideal for businesses. Groups tend to be pages of like-minded individuals sharing information. Companies joining to spam their product or service are frowned upon.

Promoting your company through Facebook Pages gives you much more control, flexibility and marketing power. For more information on Facebook Pages, check out our Sprout Social: Insights guides: