Facebook recently made some changes to Groups in hopes that increased visibility — through a cover photo featuring a collage of members — would lead to more engagement. It seems that the social network is still making tweaks to its design.

The newly redesigned Groups now feature a row of tabs below the cover photo, giving the layout a slightly more organized look. However, some people might argue that the new navigation tabs come at a cost.

Previously, the cover photo appeared slightly transparent until you hovered over it. Doing so would also temporarily hide links to photos, docs, events, and the members list. Now the transparency has been removed, restoring the cover image to its full-color glory, and links have been given permanent homes as tabs.

One of the drawbacks of the redesign is that admins will no longer be able to display information about the Group right on the homepage. Instead, visitors will have to click on About to access rules, relevant links, and other information. While this isn’t a major deal-breaker, it’s an odd choice. Even Profiles and Pages are able to take advantage of a snippet of prime time real estate.

Groups still haven’t received the new Timeline makeover, and it’s unclear if Facebook plans to. The current design is useful for Groups that function as discussion boards or collaboration tools for organizations or companies. However, anyone that relies heavily on visuals — such as clubs or family members — might feel like they’re missing out.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: JD Hancock]