If you’re currently experiencing issues with your Facebook Group, you’re not alone. The Next Web has reported that a glitch is causing several members to be added or re-subscribed to Groups they shouldn’t be a part of.

Facebook has confirmed that some members have seen notifications from Groups that they have been automatically subscribed to. In some cases, individuals were added to over 250 Groups, which they then had to manually unsubscribe from.

This is especially frustrating for some private Group owners, who have reported seeing members added without permission as well as banned members re-gaining access. For companies, this could mean that former employees now have access to discussions they were previously restricted from seeing.

The social network is currently investigating the glitch, but it’s recommended that Group owners double check viewing settings and members lists to make sure the right people have access to your content. In the mean time, accidental adds will have to be manually unsubscribed.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: philosophygeek]