One of the most requested features among Facebook Groups is the ability to share files. Last month, Groups for Schools launched with a file-sharing feature, but you needed a .edu email address to use it.

This week, Facebook announced that it’s expanding this feature to give all Groups the ability to share files between members.

File-sharing rolled out to a small percentage of Groups yesterday and will become available to others over the next few days. A new Upload File option will appear within the Publisher — so the process is similar to how you upload photos and videos.

Once you have access, you’ll be able to upload most file types up to 25MB — excluding music files and executable (.exe) files. Documents can be public or private depending on the original privacy setting of the Group. Public Groups can’t make files private without altering the entire Group.

While the new Files feature doesn’t allow online editing — at least not yet — you can download the files, make edits, and upload the new versions. The previous version of a revised file remains available for all Group members to see.

Although we don’t see Facebook Groups replacing your need for cloud sharing services like Dropbox or Google Drive, it does offer an additional level of convenience — especially for clubs and smaller organizations.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: EvelynGiggles]