Almost a year after introducing Graph Search, Facebook has announced that it will start rolling out to all members who have selected UK English as their language over the coming weeks.

Launched in a limited preview for U.S. members in January, Graph Search allows you and your customers to use simple phrases to search for people, places, and much more. This encourages individuals to be more specific with their searches, for example, “dentists my friends like” or “music liked by runners.”

Business owners have been encouraged to prepare for Graph Search by making sure that your name, category, vanity URL, and About section details are all accurate and up to date. Graph Search results also recently began including status updates, comments, and posts, meaning post quality and frequency should be considered as well.

According to Facebook, the UK rollout will be gradual, allowing the company to collect feedback and make necessary changes. Members with the required language settings might not see Graph Search immediately, whereas the U.S. English rollout was completed this past August.

Currently, one of the best uses brands can make of Graph Search is getting a better understanding of your audience by conducting queries about the details of a Page’s fans. This helps you keep tabs on the demographics of the people who Like your brand, which is necessary when deciding what type of content to deliver.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: mkhmarketing]