Facebook recently updated its feature phones mobile app, which now allows members to check in to locations and interact with Pages.

Facebook for Every Phone is a native mobile app that’s faster than the mobile site and feels more like a smartphone app. It’s compatible with more than 2,500 different feature phones.

Previously, members were able to take advantage of basic features, such as uploading photos, checking messages, viewing profiles and News Feeds. However, the app didn’t support check-ins or Pages.

Now an individual is able to Like Pages and see posts from Pages in his or her mobile feed. While customers can now check in to a location, they’re still unable to share photos with location information or tag friends in a check-in.

Although these features are pretty standard to much of its user base, this update is important to members without smartphones. Facebook for Every Phone had 39.7 million monthly active users in December 2011. And with 75.9 million Likes, it’s also the most Liked Page on the site.

With numbers like that, this was a critical update for non-smartphone carrying consumers as they’re now able to interact with your business’ Facebook presence on the go.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Joelk75]