In 2012, Facebook introduced its advertisers to retargeting through Facebook Exchange (FBX) ads. Since then, FBX ads have proven successful in their right-side placements, accounting for nearly 28 percent of all display impressions in the U.S. Fueled by that success, the social network later brought FBX ads to News Feed where they resulted in greater clickthrough rates than their sidebar counterparts.

As a refresher, FBX is a way for businesses to show ads to people on the social network based on their online browsing interests. Although similar in appearance, the main difference between these and regular Facebook Ads, is that when clicked, individuals will be sent outside of Facebook to a landing page.

Early studies revealed that the latest ad product looks very promising — Nanigans, one of the alpha testers, reported an average increased ROI of 197 percent compared to those on the right-hand side. Another early tester, AdRoll, shared similar findings in which FBX ads in News Feed led to 49 times great clickthrough rate and 54 percent lower cost per click. Both of which are desirable statistics for advertisers.

Since the transition over to News Feed, Facebook has made a lot of changes to its advertising products. While there’s a lot of information swirling around regarding these changes, MDG Advertising put together a complete overview of FBX ads in the News Feed, as well as ad-targeting options. Below you’ll find more information how this particular ad type works and more statistics for both sidebar and News Feed FBX ads.

[Via: AllFacebook, Image credit: Ivan McClellan]