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In case you weren’t able to stay on top of your RSS feeds this week, we’ve got some of this week’s biggest social media news stories right here.

LinkedIn opened up its publishing platform to members, giving individuals a powerful new way to build your professional brands Now when you publish long-form content on LinkedIn it becomes part of your profile, shared with your network, and has the ability to be pushed out to relevant audiences.

The mobile payment app Venmo launched a new Nearby feature that could help small businesses leverage social payments. We also looked at some of the ways businesses are collaborating with their customers and other brands on Pinterest, as well as how local businesses can use pins to their advantage.

And last but not least, Facebook began rolling out Core Audiences, an easier, more effective way to target people on the social network. You can read more details about that, as well as our other full stories below.

How Collaboration Helped These 3 Brands Succeed on Pinterest


As Pinterest continues to launch in new countries around the world, it’s making it easier for people to access the platform. While native apps are still the fastest way to use Pinterest, the company launched a new version of its mobile website earlier this month that features a cleaner design and better integration of your favorite features.

Today Pinterest’s mobile site supports more useful pins, including those embedded with additional information as well as related pins, which display personal suggestions. This update brings the service’s mobile web experience closer to that offered on desktop and through its native apps on smartphones and tablets. [Read More…]

Use Place Pins to Highlight Local Businesses on Pinterest


Yesterday we saw how brands and customers can work together to create collaborative experiences around your products and services on Pinterest. Sometimes an outside perspective can the missing link in your content strategy. Today, however, we’re focusing on how businesses are using location, as well as outsider input, to engage consumers on the platform.

Last November, Pinterest introduced Place Pins, which enable members to explore pins in a map-like setting. Pinners are already creating boards around vacations, special places, and sites they’d like to see someday. In fact, every day people pin about 1.5 million places, and there are now more than 750 million pins of these destinations on Pinterest. [Read More…]

Share Insightful Content Through LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform


Everyone in social media is trying to create relevant and meaningful content for an audience. Whether through a blog post or a tweet, we all want our voices to stand out and reach our targets. Establishing yourself and your company as an industry thought leader is a common goal among professionals, and LinkedIn wants to help.

Today the company announced that it is opening up its publishing platform to members, giving you a powerful new way to build you professional brand. When you publish something on LinkedIn, your original content becomes part of your professional profile, is shared with your network, and has the ability to reach the largest group of professionals online. [Read More…]

Venmo Nearby and the Rise of Social Payments Among SMBs


As more people embrace social media and integrate it into their daily lives, many businesses are supportive of consumers’ tech habits and seek ways to leverage that activity into something that benefits both sides. Venmo aims to bridge that gap by offering consumers and businesses a hassle-free way to send and accept payments through its new Nearby feature.

By mixing social into the personal finance category, the mobile payment app rose to popularity among consumers by giving them a fun and easy way to send money to friends. In doing so, users can see the notes associated with each payment. This social component has helped the app set itself apart from other mobile payment services. [Read More…]

Focus on Core Audiences With Improved Facebook Targeting


With a simpler ad product now established, Facebook is focused on giving advertisers an easier, more effective way to reach the right people on its platform. Yesterday the companyannounced that its improved Core Audiences targeting options — the targeting features built into all of its ad buying interfaces — will begin rolling out.

Targeting is a critical component of advertising, and Facebook isn’t without options. The social network has already offered some pretty granular targeting, but now it’s going even deeper. This revamp will allow you to reach precise audiences based on four main targeting types: location, demographic, interests, and behaviors. [Read More…]