Some advertisers are seeing their active campaigns in a new “Your Ads” module that appears on Facebook’s homepage (found above birthdays and other reminders).

First spotted by social media consultant Jon Loomer, he explained that you can see the number of ads, campaigns, and Page Likes generated today or over the past month. Clicking on any of these metrics will bring you to the ads manager for a detailed report.

If you control multiple ad accounts, you can hover over your account name to select a different one that you control. According to Loomer, this module only appears on the News Feed and not other pages.

Facebook hasn’t released a statement regarding the module. It’s not clear whether this is a test or if it’s rolling out to all advertisers — comments on Loomer’s original article suggest that it’s limited by country. It’s also not clear if all Page admins will have access to this module, or if only those with Insights Analyst/Advertising permissions.

That said, the “Your Ads” module could serve as a useful reminder to follow up on your campaigns. We’ll be sure to update you as more information about this feature is released.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Highways Agency, Jon Loomer]