Developers can now associate Facebook Pages with app details pages in the App Center.

This week, the social network gave you the ability to add a “Go to App” or “Play Game” button to the top of a Page. Doing so will help drive fans directly to your app. Similarly, you can add a “Visit App Page” link to the right of an app details page, which could help you build your fan base in addition to getting more installs.

In August it was revealed that only 15 percent of Facebook’s user base engages with App Center. While it’s likely that statistic has improved over the months, a cross-marketing strategy could be an effective one.

Before you add these buttons, you’ll have to make sure that your app is categorized as an App Page — which is found under the “Brands & Products” drop down). The Page name must also contain the app name. Both options can be accessed within the App Details section of the App Dashboard.

Additionally, Facebook launched a new page highlighting its promotions products, making it easier for you to access the right marketing tools and information you need to meet your goals. You can visit the Promote page for details and documentation about Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories, as well as other getting-started tools.

[Via: WebProNews, Image credit: Mykl Roventine]