Facebook has announced three new app Insights tools that will help developers better understand the growth and engagement of their apps.

The new data will aid developers in creating marketing strategies or decisions regarding feature alterations. Soon you will see additional insights for Growth Account, Triangle Heatmaps, and Drill Down.

In addition to displaying the number of installs and uninstalls, Growth Accounting will also feature the number of users retained, lost, or revived — meaning those that previously added the app, became inactive, and then re-engaged.

The Triangle Heatmap, which displays how users are being retained over time, can be used to determine that interaction with your app drops after 15 days, for example. Additionally, it will help determine activity within a specific time frame, or whether an update positively affected engagement.

It’s important to note that this information will only appear in the Growth tab for apps with enough data — Facebook suggests those with more than 25,000 monthly active users.

And finally, the Drill Down feature will allow you to track and compare user engagement over time by clicking a point on the Triangle Heatmap.

If you have developed an app, measuring its success (and even failures) is just as important as tracking the performance of your Facebook Page. Although Facebook has yet to announce when these insights will go live, they will be a critical addition to your performance reports.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Steve Harris]