Facebook has introduced several new metrics for advertisers based on the actions consumers’ take after seeing a Facebook ad.

Previously, the social network didn’t provide insight into what consumers did after clicking on an ad, making it difficult for you to see the impact of your advertising campaign.

Through the old system, you could only see data about the number of Likes a Page received as a result of an ad. The new metrics can be found in the ad dashboard called Actions, and will include comments, shares, app usage, and Credits spent.

Additionally, developers will also be able to measure actions within their apps, including purchases or any other Open Graph action. You can define which actions you’d like to optimize through the API.

By giving you more detailed data, Facebook hopes you will move away from establishing Likes as a goal and is encouraging more focus on engagement. The update doesn’t affect the pricing model; Facebook ads will still be sold on a cost-per-click or cost-per-impression basis.

Additional insights will help you measure the success of specific marketing objectives, as you’re now able to distinguish which actions came organically or through paid media.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Joshua Bermudez]