Advertising costs are on the rise, but Facebook is doing everything it can to keep advertisers on the social network by offering those that link back to Facebook Pages – instead of their own sites – a discount on ads.

TBG Digital – an advertising technology firm – analyzed 326 billion impressions from 266 clients in 205 countries and found that marketers keeping their traffic within Facebook are seeing their costs per click drop by as much as 45 percent.

The company also found that click-through rates on ads rose 18 percent from the first to fourth quarter. For example, in France, the click-through rates doubled in the last quarter after an increase in Sponsored Stories. However, the same figure has fallen 2 percent in the U.S.

It’s fair to assume that users are more interested in clicking ads that lead to other Facebook Pages rather than websites. While this is great for entertainment and consumer goods brands, those in the financial industry may find it difficult to take advantage of the discount for security and privacy reasons.

Facebook’s rates for cost per thousand impressions has jumped 23 percent from the first to fourth quarter, and it continues to rise every quarter. If you’re looking for ways to trim your advertising budget, it’s worth considering taking advantage of Facebook’s in-network loophole.

[Image credit: Caren Litherland]