With St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, and the first day of spring all falling within the same week, we know that keeping up with social media might have been a challenge. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here are recaps of some of this week’s biggest news stories.

Google+ released a small, yet important upgrade for content brands. Now when you share an article, the phone associated with it will appear much larger in the stream. You can read all about how content brands are using the social network in our article below. We also took a look at museums on Twitter in honor of #MuseumWeek, which starts next Monday. In our article, you’ll see three examples of museums leveraging the social network.

In a bit of a throwback, we reunited with Twitter Lists and checked out some of the ways brands are using them to connect with customers. Additionally, as brands prepare for Facebook’s Premium Video Ads, we found four of 2013’s top performing video ads for a little inspiration. Check out the full articles below.

Google+ Just Got Better for News, Here’s How Top Content Brands Use It

Although major upgrades and new features make the biggest headlines, for marketers, even the smallest of updates can have a significant impact on your social strategy. This past week, Google+ took a cue from Facebook and confirmed the rolled out a minor change that puts link posts front and center.

As reported by Google Plus Daily, now when you link to a webpage that contains a high-quality image, your post on Google+ will display a larger thumbnail that spans the entire post. The new format will also include a snippet of text from that webpage and a link to the source’s Google+ Page. Previously, link posts only displayed a small thumbnail image and a blue, underlined link. [Read More…]

Use These Inspiring Examples to Prepare for #MuseumWeek on Twitter

Social media platforms like Twitter play a critical role in creating more awareness for brands. We’ve seen how it can help drive key objectives across industries, including sports, television, news, and retail. But Twitter’s latest initiative focuses on more specific interests by shedding light on museums.

A general goal of museums is to educate the public, and Twitter has enabled these institutions to do so on a much grander scale. From March 24-30, museums across Europe will take part in the first ever #MuseumWeek on Twitter. During that week, hundreds of galleries will produce exclusive content for the platform. [Read More…]

4 Unique Ways Brands Are Using Twitter Lists to Engage Followers

With so many of today’s conversations focused on advertising, mobile, and tweets with images, it’s easy to forget about some of Twitter’s tried and true features. One of the characteristics of a successful marketer is that you’re able to look at feature sets of social networks holistically, integrating the old with the new.

Although some of the platform’s upgrades have replaced older features, not all of them require you to stop using your favorites. For instance, let’s look at Twitter Lists. This feature was introduced in 2009, and while it doesn’t get a lot of attention from the media nowadays, it’s actually a very efficient tool for agencies and community managers, as well as your followers. [Read More…]

Creating a Facebook Premium Video Ad? Watch These Viral Videos First

Last week, Facebook announced that a select group of advertisers will finally receive access to Premium Video Ads in an effort to drive branding objectives on the platform. As the social network inches closer to a wider rollout of its auto-play ad unit, brands are probably eager to learn more about how you can get involved. Although this is currently a limited introduction, advertisers will want to start brainstorming and preparing for the review process now.

Facebook began testing the Premium Video Ads last December with a movie trailer for Lionsgate’s “Divergent.” The ad type is designed for advertisers who want to reach a large audience with high-quality sight, sound, and motion. Each 15-second video ad will start playing without sound as it appears on screen. If tapped, the video will expand into full-screen view and sound will start. Facebook members can expect to begin seeing these ads over the next few months. [Read More…]

Want More Facebook Engagement? Don’t Overload Posts With Hashtags

When Facebook introduced clickable hashtags last summer, it was a long-awaited and welcomed addition for marketers. The hashtag’s popularity on Twitter made integrating them into Facebook strategies a piece of cake. As a result, marketers were able to launch cross-platform hashtag campaigns for the first time. We’ve seen brands experimenting with hashtags ever since.

Although new excitement over the feature has died down a bit, marketers are doing themselves a disservice by replacing every other word in a post with a hashtag. A good rule of thumb is to limit yourself to just one or two hashtags per post, and here’s why: new datahas found that the more hashtags a brand uses in a Facebook post past that basic number, the less engagement it receives. [Read More…]