Today Facebook announced a new collaboration with Shutterstock that will give advertisers free access to the site’s stock image library.

“High quality, engaging photos often increase the performance of ads, particularly in News Feed,” stated Facebook. “And now through our collaboration with Shutterstock, it will be easier for businesses to integrate beautiful photography into their Facebook ads.”

Starting next week, you’ll have access to millions of images from the Shutterstock library at no additional cost. Previously you had to supply your own images and upload them one at a time. Using the company’s API, these images will be fully searchable and accessible directly within Facebook’s ad creation tool.

Facebook also added multiple image uploads, helping businesses create multiple ads simultaneously. When creating a group of Facebook ads, the new image uploader allows you to select a range of Page photos, images from previous ads, and Shutterstock images.

This means that you can now create multiple ads at one time with multiple images for a single campaign. As a result, this enables you to test images to increase the performance of your campaigns. Consumers don’t want boring ads wedged in between stories from their friends; now you can avoid the dreaded “Hide” button.

The Shutterstock library option will be rolling out over the next few weeks. If you don’t have access right away, check back soon. The ability to upload multiple images at once, however, is available to use today.

[Image credit: D. Sharon Pruitt]