In a continuing effort to simplify its ad products, Facebook today announced that it has redesigned its ad buying and reporting tools. Moving forward advertisers will be asked to identify their objectives, and then Facebook will recommend an appropriate ad based on that objective.

The company spoke with marketers of all types and sizes to find the objectives that matter most. They are: clicks to website, website conversions, Page post engagement, Page Likes, app installs, app engagement, in-store Offer claims, and event responses.

These objectives are now the new starting point for buying ads on Facebook. Based on the objective you choose, the social network will recommend an appropriate ad-type, such as a Page post link ad to drive clicks to a website. From there, the company will help determine how your ads performed against your objective.

Facebook has also updates its Ads Manager tool — where you measure the performance of your ads and campaigns — to map your results directly to the objective you chose when creating the ad. Ads Manager will display the objective, the number of times the objective was met, and the cost per objective.

Additionally, you now have the option to choose where your ad appears allowing you to better tailor your ad experience based on where people will see your message. For example, if you’re looking to drive traffic to your website you can now place a desktop ad with a link to your full desktop site, and a separate mobile ad that links to your mobile site.

Both placement selection and objective-based buying and reporting is now available through all ad creation tools, including the Ads Create Tool, Power Editor, and the API.

[Image credit: Shardayyy]