It appears that Facebook has added a new way for marketers to track the success of their ad campaigns within Ads Manager through the launch of two additional columns.

The social network has continually tried to give its advertisers new ways to show how successful their ads have been on the site. In October, Facebook launched redesigned ad buying and reporting tools in an effort to drive objective-focused goals.

Recently, Andrea Warner of SEO Braintrust discovered two new columns — conversions and cost per conversion — within the Ads Manager tool. The new tools enable her to monitor her ad’s performance more easily based on the objective she selected when she created her ad.

For those not familiar with objective-driven ads, the idea behind them is to ask advertisers to identify the goals that matter most and then Facebook will recommend an appropriate ad based on that objective. Ideally, this method will lead to increased ROI.

The addition of the new columns hasn’t been officially announced by Facebook, so it’s possible that this is just a test. However, given the recent redesign and promise to help map your results directly to the objective chosen, it seems likely that these columns are here to stay.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Images Money]