With more emphasis being placed on Facebook ads, the social network has introduced a new preview tool that will help brands create more effective ads.

Recently Facebook introduced a new premium advertising option, which will enable branded stories to appear on customers’ News Feeds and logout pages, in addition to homepages.

While many advertisers are already familiar with the way premium ads — displayed on the right side of the screen — will look, the Facebook Demo Tool will let you view exactly how they will appear on the web.

Sponsored Stories, on the other hand, will also appear in both mobile and desktop News Feeds, which is why it’s beneficial to preview these paid ads before publishing them.

As advertising begins to infiltrate News Feeds, your fans will be more aware of your presence on their homepage — especially since it appears that more space will be dedicated toward the new ad format. The Demo Tool gives you a chance to make sure that your ads reflect your brand well and don’t come off as intrusive.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: bk1bennett]