Continuing its efforts to simplify its ad products, Facebook today announced an update to its Ad Manager Reports. These reports help advertisers track and manage their campaigns on the social network.

According to product manager David Baser, the goal of these changes is to give advertisers tools that are “simpler, easier-to-use, and more flexible.” Specifically, he said that Facebook is now making it easier for you to see reach data for an ad, a campaign, or an entire account, for any date range.

“Marketers no longer have to export multiple reports to get the data that they want,” stated Facebook. “With these new reports, they can choose the Facebook ad metrics they want to include in a report; break out the data how they want it; drag and drop to organize columns; and save, export, and schedule their reports for delivery.”

Reach is a particularly important metric as it tends to drive most of the other results, such as in-store purchases. Controlling the scheduling is important because it allows you to immediately understand the success of those efforts. Previously you could only look at reach for an ad or campaign, and only on a fixed scheduled created by Facebook.

Baser also noted that cost-per-action metrics will now be visible everywhere throughout the report. This means that you no longer have to look at different reports to understand what you’re paying to reach your goals. Additionally, it allows you to see the real-time performance of an ad, campaign, or account based on age, gender, country, or placement within Facebook. has been testing the new interface and said that the changes have decreased the number of reports it needs to pull by 50 percent, and the campaign summaries have minimized the time spent on sorting through spreadsheets.

Updates to Ads Manager Reports will roll out gradually, with full availability expected in the coming weeks. You can get a detailed overview of the new reports tool by downloading the new Ads Manager Reports Guide.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: vtsr]