Facebook advertisers now have a new way to target members based on actions they have performed within a more specific time range using Action Spec Targeting.

Currently in testing and limited to advertisers working with Preferred Marketing Developers, the targeting feature is designed to describe actions people have taken in Open Graph apps and on the platform. Action Specs can then be used to target ads to individuals or their friends who have performed a specific action.

Previously, the default time range for this was 14 days and there was no way to select a shorter window. Now you’re able to specify a time range under two weeks, giving you a better chance of reaching the most relevant consumers with a particular message.

For example, local business owners can reach customers who checked into their stores within the past week. Facebook Page owners can retarget fans who viewed one of their page tabs the previous day. If you wait two weeks, it’s unlikely that these actions will still be fresh in people’s’ minds, rendering your ads irrelevant.

Action Spec Targeting also lets you define a “negative action spec,” meaning those members who haven’t taken a particular action. For instance, game developers could reach people who have played a game, but not made an in-app purchase in the last week. You can also reach friends of members who have taken a particular action.

If you’re interested in this type of targeting, you’ll have to work with an ads-qualified PMD. In the meantime, you can learn more about Action Spec Targeting, including technical information regarding time specifications, in the documentation provided by Facebook.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Joe Lanman]