Facebook introduced Action Links in May, which act as a new way for people to interact with your app. It now appears that the social network is testing these for mobile.

Action Links are customizable links that will appear below your app’s post on Timelines or within News Feeds. They enable your fans to take specific actions related to your app, and aren’t limited to built-in actions, such as Read, Listen, and Watch.

For example, if someone sees a friend’s check-in on Foursquare, he or she can add that location to his or her Foursquare to-do list just by tapping “save this place,” without leaving Facebook’s mobile app. That individual’s action will then be pushed to the Recent Activity section of his or her Timeline.

Adweek’s Tim Peterson found that Spotify has also integrated Action Links, allowing members to star songs (favorite) within Facebook’s mobile News Feed.

Except for Foursquare and Spotify, it’s unknown what other apps have access to mobile Action Links. And although these are live for desktop users, Facebook hasn’t commented on when mobile support will be available for everyone.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Samuel Axon]