Remembering details about people you meet can be challenging, particularly at conferences and networking events. Evernote Hello, one of Evernote’s mobile apps, was launched in 2011 to help you better remember the people you meet. With busy professionals in mind, the app has been revamped.

Evernote has integrated Facebook and LinkedIn so that an email address pulled from a business card can be enough to build a rich profile. Speaking of business cards, in addition to remembering the who, when, and why, Evernote Hello will now scan business cards instead of requiring you to manually input all of that information.

Business Card Scanning is technically a premium feature, but for the next couple of months, Evernote is making it available to everyone free of charge. You can access it through the Add Contact menu. If you’ve ever used LinkedIn’s Card Munch app, you’ll be quite familiar with the process.

Arguably the most impressive feature is Hello Connect, which lets you exchange contact information with groups of Evernote Hello users through audible tones. Here’s how it works: during a meeting, have everyone launch Evernote Hello on their phones. When the app is running, one person taps Hello Connect from the Add Contact menu. You’ll hear the tones play and, in seconds, everyone will be connected.

While there are other apps available with similar features, Evernote Hello is a great choice if you’re already an Evernote customer. Since it’s a related product, everything from Hello is synchronized back to your Evernote account, where it’s accessible from anywhere at any time. Evernote Hello is currently available for iOS.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: Evernote]