Evernote might not be the first tool you think of when it comes to marketing a restaurant, but the most recent update to its Food app certainly demonstrates its potential.

Today Evernote Food — which gives consumers a place to discover, collect, and remember all of life’s memorable food moments — was updated to include support for OpenTable, Foursquare ratings, and recipe sharing.

The company has wisely partnered with some of the restaurant industry’s social leaders to tie in consumer activity across multiple platforms. Meaning that businesses linked to OpenTable and Foursquare are being seen by a whole new audience.

While today’s update introduced social sharing, marketers will be more interested in the app’s OpenTable and Foursquare integration. Consumers can not only use Evernote Food to find restaurants — which now include Foursquare ratings — but they can also reserve a table directly from the app.

Evernote’s professional user base could use the app to book their next business meetings or team lunches. Foodies who might not be on Foursquare yet might discover your restaurant for the first time by visiting the details page. There’s potential here to welcome new customers, which is why restaurants need to take advantage of these social tools.

If your clients haven’t claimed their venue on Foursquare yet, now is the time. Restaurant owners, if you’re not familiar with OpenTable, it’s time to get acquainted. These tools, while powerful on their own, integrate with a lot of social tools that your target audience is using. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to grow your business.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Dennis Wong]