Online artisan marketplace Etsy gives consumers a chance to interact with the artists and craftspeople behind small and independent businesses. Now the e-commerce company is turning its attention to brands with the launch of Pages.

Curation has long been a part of Etsy through community-created treasuries, editors’ picks gift guides, and selections from guest bloggers and pinners. Shoppers have been collecting their favorite items for years, and now brands can too. With Etsy Pages, tastemakers from around the world can highlight their favorite finds and help shoppers discover new items.

“Each curated page on Etsy guides shoppers around the marketplace through a different lens,” said Heather Burkman, product marketing manager at Etsy. “Selections from favorite tastemakers can open doors to items a shopper may have never seen before, and following unfamiliar brands and influencers can dead to delightful new discoveries.”

Etsy has teamed up with Apartment Therapy, Lucky, West Elm, Martha Stewart Weddings, Food52, and more to add recommended products to its website. Shoppers follow individual Pages, add products to their favorites, or create their own lists. Functionally and visually, the Pages feature is very similar to Pinterest.

For example, West Elm has created several Pages in an effort to highlight items made by artisans in particular cities. Its New York page features a number of “finds” from Etsy shops based in the region. Food52 has created Pages arranged by types of food and other kitchen must-haves. Each brand can also embed these Pages on their websites with just a few lines of code.

The feature is really ideal for Etsy merchants, who arguably benefit the most as they could gain a lot of exposure by being featured on a brand’s Page. Companies hoping to become a resource for consumers might consider applying for their own Etsy Page. It might not be the right fit for every type of business, but certainly fashion and lifestyle brands can benefit.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Charles & Hudson]