More than a year has passed since it rolled out editing capabilities for comments, and now Facebook has finally brought the same functionality to your posts. For the first time, the social network is letting you edit your post’s text after publishing it.

Previously, if you noticed a typo in one of your posts, you’d have to delete it entirely and repost, which meant that you lost any Likes and comments that post had accumulated. Although typos can often be avoided by drafting your posts ahead of time, it’s not fail proof.

Now you can edit a live post by clicking the down arrow in the top right and selecting “Edit Post.” Once you’ve finished making your changes, click “Done Editing” and your post will be updated. Your revisions and original post will still be viewable if people look at your post’s edit history.

Your edit history is important as it offers a layer of transparency to fans. Without it, someone could write “Who likes root beer?” and get hundreds of Likes, then edit the post to read, “Who hates A&W?” Facebook tackles this issue by marking posts as edited and letting viewers access that post’s history.

This is also a big opportunity for media outlets and journalists looking to use Facebook as a real-time news source. Now you can make corrections without deleting entire updates and losing conversations. The social network is really pushing to become a reliable source for real-time information, and offering editing capabilities can only help.

Both comment and post editing are available on the web, and will be coming to events on Pages and photo albums. Post editing is also available in the most recent version of its Android app — the company noted that the feature is coming to iOS “soon.” There’s currently no word on whether Facebook’s apps for BlackBerry and Windows Phone will receive it.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: Alejandro Mallea]