Today Dropbox introduced two new products that help make the cloud storage service more convenient for professionals.

The first, called Quick Start, gives you an instant preview of any file you’ve saved to Dropbox. Currently you have to download and open the file in order to know what it is. Moving forward, clicking on a PDF will launch a pop-up window allowing you to preview the file.

Not only is Quick Start more convenient, but it allows you to access, share, and get to work much faster. A powerful tool for everyone, we imagine this will be especially beneficial for Dropbox’s power users. Quick Start currently supports PDF, Doc, Docx, and PowerPoint files. The company expects to roll this out to all users over “the coming months.”

The cloud service has also made it easier to view and share photos. Dropbox takes photos that are stored in separate folders across your account and puts them in a single view on its site. In this unified view, photos are arranged by time (such as days or months) and you’ll be able to post them directly to Twitter, Facebook, and email.

Additionally, you can now share more than one photo at a time. Dropbox allows you to select several photos to turn into a virtual album. That album can then be shared to your social channels or through email. This feature is already available on Dropbox’s Android app and will roll out to the web version and its iOS app “soon.”

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: Magnus Jonasson]