Dropbox recently redesigned its website in an effort to simplify file management. The updates continue as the company has introduced a new feature that makes it easier to share and collaborate on documents using links.

Previously, you had to share an entire folder with someone, which had to be synced to their computer, for them to access your content. Now you can simply share a link and significantly save time and effort.

Instead of moving files to the Public folder within your Dropbox account, just right-click and grab the link for your file or folder. This will make your file/folder public, but only for people with the link.

Link recipients will be able to view and stream files from the shared folder, and won’t even have to sign up for Dropbox, or install the client. However, you’re unable to set links to expire, so you’ll have to make your files or folders private again through Dropbox’s website.

The company has worked on this feature in beta for the past year, and with many improvements, it’s available for everyone today.

This simplified way of sharing files makes it easier to collaborate on documents, photos, and videos while eliminating the need for email attachments. Although viewers will be unable to edit your shared files, we recommend sharing non-sensitive documents to ensure privacy.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: Caroline]