Dropbox recently redesigned its website in an effort to simplify file management. The company continues to make improvements, this time focusing on its iOS app.

The cloud storage service has introduced several new features, including automatic photo and video uploads over a Wi-Fi or cellular network — something that Android owners have been able to do for a while now.

Once you’ve updated your app, you will have to authorize Dropbox to store your media — this requires you to give the service access to your location. You can choose to upload all of your photos and videos or just the new stuff.

Additionally, Dropbox is rewarding members that automatically upload media with up to 3GB of bonus storage, which will be rolled out in 500MB increments as it depends on the amount of media you upload to the service.

Other improvements include the ability to move and delete sets of files instead of only individual files and upload files of any size.

Unrelated to its iOS update, Dropbox will stop issuing public folders to new users as of July 31st — existing users’ public folders will remain in tact.

In April, Dropbox introduced the ability to create public links for any files in your folder. This method may prove to be more convenient for some — and is similar to the way Google Drive operates — but it will make it more difficult to embed images and other media stored in Dropbox on a website.

The latest version of Dropbox is available now for download in the iTunes App Store.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: Magnus Jonasson]