Today our partner the Twitter Small Business team released a helpful quickstart toolkit for making a bigger impact with Twitter to achieve your business goals. Download the toolkit right now for a hugely helpful checklist of small changes you can make to your brand’s Twitter presence that can improve your ability to connect with customers.

The tweaks you can make range from optimizing your Twitter bio, making good use of visual assets like photos, and building out a content calendar. Twitter even provided a sample content calendar that should give you a great sense of how to effectively create your own.

In addition to the calendar, you’ll  find a Tweet template in the tool kit that will help you get the most out of 140 characters. As you and your social team develop new habits, you’ll be far better equipped to build real relationships with your customers that are rewarding for them while driving sales for you.

Grab the toolkit, and be sure and let us know if you have any insights of your own about the small changes in habits we can all make to improve our Twitter presences.