The community platform Disqus is testing a new feature that will enable you to rank and give labels to commenters on your blog.

Disqus is an online service that offers a centralized discussion platform for websites. It provides a built-in profile system that allows you and other visitors to learn more about the people participating in conversations on your site.

The new feature – called Disqus Ranks – will provide an easy social ranking system that allows you to evaluate a commenter’s influence. A badge may then be given to that commenter to display a measure of significance to the community.

You will be able to rank commenters based on specific types of community interactions, including visiting pages on the site, receiving replies to comments, posting comments, giving likes to others’ comments, and more.

You will also be able to create custom titles for each qualification and assign them to commenters. A good example is Fred Wilson, who has been testing the new feature on his blog, AVC. Wilson has created groups based on how often readers visit the site and leave comments. He gave himself the title of bartender and the top 10 are labeled as the entourage and the top 100 are the regulars.

Measuring influence is a huge trend developing in web communities. Klout does a good job of tracking influence among social networks, but a great deal of conversation is had within the comments of blog posts. Disqus Ranks aims to make it easier for you or your community manager to identify your influencers and brand evangelists.

It’s still unknown when Disqus plans to roll out this feature, but it will appear in the menu list once it’s live.

[Image credit: Spectrious]