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Sprout Social Index™ 2021: UK & Ireland Edition

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After a year spent largely in lockdown, British and Irish consumers and businesses have been on social media more than ever. But as a channel of customer communication, brand awareness and revenue, how effectively are businesses using social media to connect, engage and sell to their potential customers? 

For this report, Sprout Social surveyed both 500 consumers and 500 businesses, representing both the UK and Ireland, to understand how both groups’ use of social media has changed. This report explores where these consumers and businesses align but crucially, also where they don’t. With actionable insights and advice, we’ll show you the trends and opportunities that you can start to apply to your business’ social media strategy today.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • Businesses are under pressure to be all things to all people on social media, but lack the data to know where to focus their efforts or find their key customers.
  • 65% of businesses use social media for brand awareness. But with 63% of consumers buying directly from social media, are they missing an opportunity to use it for social commerce?
  • Consumers and marketers are misaligned in what it means to be best in class on social media. Marketers think it comes down to innovative social content—but what do consumers think?

We’ve also added in a bonus guide of generational behaviours across the platforms, so you can get ahead of the curve, and get ahead of the competition. Download the report for the data and insights your business needs to strengthen your social media strategy today.