Introducing The Sprout Social Index

Social media has fundamentally changed the way brands and people communicate. Once a channel for personal expression and news, social has become a primary form of commercial communication and its changing how organizations work. A brand’s followers and fans expect attentiveness, responsiveness, and value in exchange for their attention and loyalty. More than ever, consumers are in control and they expect brands to take care of them.

The Sprout Social Index looks at channel growth, brand responsiveness, and consumer behavior across more than 160 million inbound messages across 20,000 brand profiles and fan pages. The rate at which consumers are adopting social media to ask for help, make buying decisions, lodge complaints, and have an ongoing dialogue is remarkable. However, the ability of brands to keep up with the demand is declining under the pressure.

The Sprout Social Index Features:

  • Social Trends | Highlights the dramatic surge in inbound messages to brands.
  • Engagement Statistics | Variations in user & brand interactions across Facebook & Twitter.
  • Industry Analytics | Social data across 15 different industries.

Inside the Index: