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Recent events have changed the landscape for social marketers.  We’ve all had to adjust our strategies and work environments, and we’ve done it in a matter of weeks.

But Sprout is here to help make these changing times feel a little more normal–and a little more connected.

Watch our Q&A series recordings, featuring customers like you and focused on the topics that are most relevant and pressing.  This is an open format designed for connection and education.

Session topics include:

  • 5 critical tips right now for social marketers
  • Rapidly shifting social strategies
  • Fostering connection and building online communities
  • Moving to virtual events
  • Pivoting again: changing your messaging to stand out
  • What’s next? Trying to plan for the after

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The Presenters

Joe Huber

Customer Community Strategist
Sprout Social

Joe Huber is the Customer Community Strategist at Sprout Social and host of the Weekly Live Q&As. He lives in Chicago with his wife, Bliss, and his dog, Haywood. When he's not talking to people about all things marketing, he's probably camping or doing voiceover work. He's been the voice of Dr. Frankenstein, the state of Nevada, and other global brands as well. Say hi on Twitter or LinkedIn. @JosephPHuber